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For the first time in 85 years, one of the most historic hotels in the world is up for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. The state of California is reportedly negotiating to buy the land in the heart of Yosemite National Park in Yosemite Valley, California. California wants to acquire the land to create one of the largest state parks in decades.

The Altamont Ranch and the hotel's wind farm can be viewed from the top of the Sierra Nevada in California's Yosemite Valley. The ranch house was and is a refuge for livestock and privacy in the East Bay and was the site of some of the historic buildings and shops of San Francisco.

Eugene Motel is located south of the city of Livermore at the foot of Yosemite Valley in California's Sierra Nevada National Park. To the east lies unspoilt land that can only be reached by hiking, biking, skiing and mountain biking in the mountains of Northern California. These include the Lake Merritt National Wildlife Refuge, a 1,000-acre wilderness area located on the west side of Lake Mendocino north of San Francisco.

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Livermore Ranch is located in the heart of Palo Alto, California, just a few miles north of San Francisco and is largely planted with Alpine ranches, a rarity in Texas. The ranch is located on the western edge of the San Mateo Valley, about a half-hour drive from the city of Los Angeles.

Livermore Valley is east-west oriented, with passes from west-east that connect the Bay Area and Central Valley through the mountains. I-580 passes the outskirts of Leber mores, and there are two main roads in the area, I-580 and I-5, as well as a number of smaller highways.

L Livermore is connected by unnumbered highways that are maintained by Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and has commuter trains that run from Stockton to the San Jose area. The San Joaquin serves as an Amtrak station in Modesto, CA, with a closed waiting area for Amtrak trains between San Francisco and Sacramento.

L Livermore is the 18th largest city in the state of California and with a population of more than 1.5 million inhabitants an attractive place to live. Surrounded by Northern California and part of the San Joaquin Valley, a geographically diverse and sprawling metropolitan area that includes a number of major cities including San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Stockton, Modesto and Sacramento. It is the heart of Northern California's largest metropolitan area, the Bay Area, but also the largest of its kind.

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More About Pleasanton