Pleasanton California Homewood Suites

Palo Alto allows pets of all sizes for an additional fee of $100 per stay, and the suits are available in suits - friendly, with proximity - for $1,500 per month.

The Best Western Pleasanton Inn welcomes two pets under 25 lbs for an additional fee of $35 per pet per night, and a pet under 50 lbs is welcome for an additional fee of up to $15 per night. Stay at America's in Pleasantons and two pets over 25 lb are welcome. For the same fee as at Best Western, plus $10 per day for pets of all sizes.

The Hilton Concord welcomes two pets over 75 lbs for an additional fee of $50 per pet per stay, and Pleasanton welcomes a dog up to 60 lbs for almost that. The DoubleTree by Hilton in Pleasantons and two pets over 50 lbs are welcome for an additional fee of up to $100 per stay. Doubletree by the Hilton accommodates three pets under 25 lbs and one pet under 50 lb, as well as two pets of all sizes, which are closer to the same fee as at Best Western.

The Best Western Garden Court Inn welcomes two dogs up to 80 lbs for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night. A pet under 25 lbs is welcome for the same fee as at Hilton Concord, as are two pets under 50 lbs and a pet over 75 lbs, with an extra charge of $20 per dog or $10 per pet per day.

The Pleasanton Marriott welcomes a pet under 40 lbs for an additional $100 per stay, and the Hyatt House of Pleasantons accommodates two pets under 50 lbs. Brentwood accommodates up to two dogs of any size for the same fee as at the Hilton Concord, but with an extra charge of $10 per pet per day or $20 per dog per night for a total of three nights at $50 / night.

Contact the host or read the house rules in the Pet Friendly Accommodation section in the Pleasanton area. Contact the owner and read more about the pets - policies only at Brentwood and Hyatt House of Pleasantons, or contact the hosts. Read the rules and regulations of both hotels and the dog and cat protection policy for each hotel.

If applicable, the local fees are usually displayed at the checkout in the "Owner's Fees" section. Please include your pets in your guest box when making your reservation so that you can enter the pet fees.

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There is no pet exemption on the property, but there is a lawn area near the pet property - relief and pets are allowed. Treats, bowls and garbage bags are available at reception and the hotel has a dog-friendly pet room with a pet cot and pet food and water. Garbage bags are available in front of the desk and a bowl, toys and a bed are provided. In the lobby there is an animal shelter with animal beds, dog food, water, treats, toys and cat boxes.

Dogs and cats are allowed and well - pets with behavioural problems may be left unattended in the room, but four-legged guests may not be left unattended in any room. Dogs and cats are allowed in a dog-friendly pet room with a cot and pet food, as well as water and a bed.

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More About Pleasanton