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Several hundred people gathered in their homes Saturday night for a rousing concert in the parking lot of the San Francisco Convention Center. Although the event was a car ride, it seemed to be a success for people who did not follow the "stay in the car and wear a mask in the car" rule.

Most of the participants came in groups of three or four people, but many brought extensive cargo space - ups, and a pickup truck had at least eight people dancing in bed at one point. At least one family even had a large truck full of food and drinks for all the participants. The entrance fee for the participants in large groups was $100, so no matter how many were in cars, it was still a fun event.

In the evening, most people said they were happy to be able to retreat to their homes at this time of the summer. One woman said she missed concerts and the ride to the show hurt her. One of the biggest worries for those who wanted to see the concert was that if you got stuck in an SUV whose tailgate blocked the view, there were a few big video screens to see. Obstructing the view was no problem as people got out of their cars to watch the shows.

According to the instructions of the event, people should stay in their vehicles, but this was not a hard and fast rule. It seemed as if the normal picnic blanket had been replaced by cars and pickups and people stayed. A show is about having fun, doing something and having fun, doing something, not making money, so it's not a given.

Hot teachers turned up the energy during the song that gave the band their name: "Run to the Devil." At some point in their set, a group of eight to ten people started dancing in front of the stage, for which they thanked us. After each song there was an avalanche of car horns and appreciation, which was replaced by howls, boos and claps.

Ms. Woolsey is a fourth-generation Californian who has taught adolescents and adults for more than 20 years. Journey Revisited kicked off the evening with a hit along the way, "Believe," which stopped young children from playing in the grass next to their families "vehicles. Wheel to the Sky "and offered a concert with live music by the band from 7 to 10 pm.

Her love of English history flows into her lectures as she prepares college students for work in the real world, and Antonia travels on through Europe and the US. The producers had been studying a similar drive - in a concert she had staged and in less than a week drawing up her plans. The music she guides her students through is interwoven with literature inspired by the history she teaches in class.

Antonia has a simple philosophy for her teaching: to ask students many questions to clarify and to enable them to learn their own way of learning. Students also need to ask difficult questions to develop their ability to think critically about the world they live in. She leads her students with her own passion for learning, integrity and humor.

Most importantly, my main goal as an educator is for my students to learn how to communicate effectively by communicating their opinions with sound evidence and logical arguments. As a teacher who wants to make a difference, I am always aware of how short my time is in the classroom with each student and work to be always present when I work with them. At Spring Music Academy, we bring our passion for learning and our desire to develop successful people. Both my daughters have completed college, and my son is currently attending the University of Washington and enjoying playing on our university's Division 1 golf team.

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