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Since the late 1990s, the Pleasanton Downtown Association has organized a Main Street Fair every year on the first Wednesday of the summer month. On this first Wednesday of the summer months, the main street is full of people celebrating and traffic is heavy.

Alisal, nicknamed "The Most Desperate City in the West," is a settlement in La Vereda del Monte that was a haven and refuge for bandits and despots during the period following the onset of the California gold rush. The notorious outlaws like John Wayne, John Brown and Joaquin Miller were waiting for the investigators on their way to San Francisco and then sought refuge in Alisal. Shootings on Main Street were not uncommon, but no details were needed, according to the Pleasanton Downtown Association website.

The Hacienda is the only female property mentioned in Porter Garnett's Stately Homes of California. Phoebe Apperson Hearst had it rebuilt and expanded by architect Julia Morgan after her husband's death, the website reports.

Both were designed in the Italian industrial style, but both are indicative of the colonial revival style. Both are within walking distance of each other and were designed by the same architect, William J. Morgan Jr., New York City.

There is a nine-hole golf course on the infield of the course, and there is also a two-lane baseball stadium and a baseball field. Additional seats are available for concerts in the park, but the latter are suitable for mothers and young fathers of school age. The event is free and attracts visitors to the park every Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm and from 5.30 pm to 7 pm and is open to all ages.

The programme aims to give boys and girls with mental or physical disabilities the opportunity to learn and play football. Athletes do not need to know how to practice this sport, as coaches work with athletes, regardless of their level of performance, to teach them the skills they need to participate. For more information, including registration, season schedules and program updates, click on the organization's logo and select a sport. Written or electronic material displayed on this website is not necessarily sponsored or endorsed by the PPD or PTA Council.

The TOPSoccer Outreach Program for Soccer is a joint training and team placement program for boys and girls with mental and physical disabilities. The goal of the TOPsoccer program is to enable young athletes with disabilities to become active members of their local community. You can find out more about the programme and its objectives at the top of this page or on the website.

PASS uses 5 / 6 of the pitch to play on Sundays from 9: 00 to 11: 00, with matches taking place at 13: 00 after decisions have been made at the city level. PASS plays on Saturdays from 1.30 to 3pm in front of a capacity of about 2,000 spectators. Pass plays in Pleasanton's Community Soccer League (CSL) on Saturday and Sunday and plays his home games at City Park on Sunday night.

The meeting will take place at BUSC's office at 275 Rose Avenue, Suite 209, and the hourly rate will change. Pleasanton City plans to fall under the BusC and will charge PASS a $25 fee per participant, as opposed to the current $20 per player and $30 per team. PASS 'fees will be increased to cover the cost of promotion to a sanctioned league of the US club. All profits from the tournament will be donated to local charities such as the American Cancer Society, the San Francisco Bay Area Cancer Center and other local organizations.

It is the responsibility of each team manager to collect player fees to cover the cost of registering the team. There is a mandatory team meeting, which takes place about three weeks before the start of the season. Tami will upload the game plan to the official software of the PSRA game so that qualified and certified referees are assigned. If the league generates profits or reserves, a post-season debrief will decide how the winnings will be used, donated and distributed.

Besides the business park and retail centre, Pleasanton is known for its lively downtown area, which is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other shops. Notable big stores in other parts of the city include Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Walgreens. Businesses and organizations in downtown Tri-Valley have set up stalls in the central street for local events, and Pleasantons has some retail stores.

Oracle occupies two buildings on the former PeopleSoft campus and is Pleasanton's fourth-largest employer after Workday, Safeway and Kaiser Permanente. Other companies with large operations in and around Pleasantons include Fireside, which closed in 2012, and Applied Materials, the world's largest manufacturer of high-performance computers. Pleasant on has successfully attracted large companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. It is home to the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Berkeley, as well as a number of universities.

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